Tips To Avoid Buying From The Wrong Mattress Discounters Richmond VA

Buying a mattress should be a pleasant experience for everyone. No matter how much you spend on decorating the bedroom, if you don’t have a good mattress that helps you sleep peacefully, your expenditure is largely wasteful. Therefore, you must always try to make sure that you are only getting the best mattress for yourself. However, there are many occasions when people fall tap to sale advertisements or heavy discounts and opt for the wrong mattress discounters Richmond VA. The mattresses that they buy are really great to be used initially. However, later, the mattresses either turn out to be a wrong choice for your sleeping posture of your medical condition or they star to sag so badly, that you automatically develop back pain.

In such cases, it becomes really important for you to find which mattress discounters Richmond VA are really good enough to handle your demands and provide you better furniture. However, before we find out the ways to do so, you must understand that good quality comes at a good price. There are stores like the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store which provide excellent quality at very reasonable prices. However, even in these stores cannot offer mattress windfall discounts to you. Therefore, if such an event is going on around you, you must be aware of the quality that you can be getting by buying from those stores. No matter how cheap you buy, your money would always be wasted. Do visit –

What to be aware of while buying from the mattress discounters Richmond VA

There is nothing like a perfect mattress store or a perfect mattress brand. The brand and the mattress discounters Richmond VA that you find the best for yourself would depend on your own needs. It is commonplace to find people regretting their mattress buying decisions. Have a look at what you must consider before buying mattresses.

  • mattress discounters Richmond VA Reviews are the perfect place to start- before you decide which mattress brand or mattress discounters Richmond VA to buy from, you must try to collect as many reviews about them as possible. These can be the reviews given by real users in real life or even online. Just try to figure out what experiences most of the people find in the particular mattress store or with a particular brand. Also, check out the things that people complain the most about. Now, you would be able to make a list of the good and bad and decide the best for yourself.
  • Look for non-prorated warranty- when you visit the mattress discounters Richmond VA you would be finding two kinds of warranties on mattresses. Always go for the non-prorated warranty, no matter what the sales staff tells you. Non-prorated warranties are generally better and you would not have to go through a hassle-some process of filing warranty claims just in case something goes wrong.
  • Good customer support staff- a good customer support staff is a guarantee of good products. Good means helpful people who are really interested in helping you buy a product that fulfills your needs and not a product that they wish to sell.

Recreating The 1800s With Discount Furniture Myrtle Beach

The charm of the beautiful Victorian designs is never going to end, regardless of the current furniture trends. The rich and glamorous designs of the 1800s are so warm and welcoming that any person who wishes to get an appreciable living room would definitely like to use the designed concepts of those times to get the best looks. You can visit the different stores selling discount furniture Myrtle Beach in order to get furniture like this. If you go to customer preferred stores like the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store, you would likely be able to find better designs and deals than anywhere else. The low prices and the excellent designs available at this store, make it one of the best furniture buying destinations on Myrtle Beach. Let us learn about a few ways in which we can be recreating a 1800s style décor in our house. Get more information at

How to recreate 1800s by buying cheap from the discount furniture Myrtle Beach stores

discount furniture Myrtle BeachThe Victorian furniture designs ruled a large part of the 1800s and its influences in furniture can still be seen. This style of home décor is very elaborate and luxurious which created a comfortable, warm and cozy atmosphere inside the house. Here are a few ways in which you can recreate the 1800s style in your own house. Understand these concepts, make a fabulous décor plan and then go to the stores selling discount furniture Myrtle Beach to get some great deals.

  • You have to pay extra attention on carvings, arches, curves, moldings, ceilings, cornicing and bas-relief features in the house. If they are not present, look for adequate architectural replacements. Consider all these architectural details while buying discount furniture Myrtle Beach as well.
  • Always try to incorporate a hardwood flooring the house. Though, tiles and marble floorings were used as well, they were mostly restricted to hallways and galleries. The rooms and dedicated spaces in the house always had hardwood flooring, the color should range from medium to dark mahogany. Chose Persian rugs to match the décor. When you buy modern flooring from the discount furniture Myrtle Beach stores, just focus on a darker stain and a wider board to get the best results.
  • Generally, use lesser light colors in the walls. Though it is literally impossible in the modern days to completely avoid light colors, you can at least use them with care. The best Victorian designs use darker hues and compliment them in beautiful light hues. Your color palette must usually be deep and rich and must include colors like dark green, emerald green, deep red, gold and more. The more intense colors you use, the better results you would get. Remember about the usage of contrast.
  • There are many places where you can get beautiful wallpapers along with some great discount furniture Myrtle Beach. Use tan shades and mix them up with green. Use more intense colors and chose floral patterns to accentuate the walls. Try to include more gothic influences here. Match the chair colors with wallpaper shades.

Incorporating The 1800s Style With Furniture Stores Jacksonville NC

The 1800s were all about affluence and glamor. After the Georgian fashion gave away, the Victorian fashion came in. This was a more organized, streamlined and a more sophisticated form of the old Georgian fashion and it quickly became a way of life for many people in those times. The Victorian fashion and home décor focused largely on different patterns and the colors that can be used to highlight the background and the pattern in the room in the best way possible. This was a time when wallpapers had become commonplace. You can still find some of the best Victorian inspired wallpapers in the furniture stores Jacksonville NC. Red and green flock papers and hundreds of gothic patterns can be found in these stores. If you go to authentic retailers like the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture store, you would even be able to find some botanical themes in the wallpapers. Stenciled patterns and brush patterns can only be found in these stores. For more info, visit

The elements of Victorian fashion found in the furniture stores Jacksonville NC

furniture stores Jacksonville NCBelow, we would be talking about some of the most important elements of the 1800s Victorian fashion that can be found in the furniture stores Jacksonville NC. First, let us talk about the flooring of these houses. The Victorians were really crazy about wooden floorings. They used beautiful hardwood floorings that came in many beautiful designs. The carpets were also quite huge and had intricate and elaborate patterns. Most of the times, the patterns were floral in nature, which is one of the most well-known things associated with this kind of home design. The bolder the flowers, the better the design. Most of the carpets were either rectangular or square in shape. The floors were never fully carpeted and it was made sure that there is some space left for the wooden flooring to show. You must also adopt a similar philosophy in your designs to get the best results. Marbles and tiles were used as well. However, they were mostly preferred for the galleries, hallways etc.

The second important element of Victorian style design is the furnishing used in the décor. If we study the style deeply, we would find a multi-layer concept here. The curtains and drapes had multiple layers of different colors and accents and they were used with wood or brass pelmets. However, even after heavy layering, the drapes were really soft. You can get similar grand upholstery designs and patterns in the furniture stores Jacksonville NC where such buttoned and overstuffed Victorian designs are commonplace. Furniture was more about padding and rich upholstery than anything else. However, the Victorians believed a lot in structural strength as well. Therefore, they used hardwood for the furniture frames and used mahogany on an extensive scale.

To get the best Victorian home designs, you must focus on the accessories as well. The Victorians definitely loved glass and crystal items, especially lamp shades and candle holders. Brass and copper were their favorite along with bronze for wall fittings. Find them all in furniture stores Jacksonville NC near you.

Rich And Affluent Living Room Design Idea

Rich And Affluent Living Room Design IdeaThere is no better thing in interior decoration than to experiment with designs of the bygone era and come with something very beautiful and unique. The designs of the 1800s definitely hit an ace in this regard. If we say that this was one of the last consolidated home design idea that we have seen in the modern world, we would not be wrong. The designs of the 1800s were rich, bold and every deep. The colors that they used and the furniture that they employed in the rooms were par excellence. You would hardly be able to find any designs that match the classical appeal of the 1800s designs and ideas. If you are also planning to redesign your living room and take hints from the living rooms of that era, you need to use a few old design concepts and mix them up with modern lifestyle elements to get the best results. Remember, we cannot go for an extremely antique or gothic appearance as it would not match well with our modern lifestyle.

The theme that we would be explaining now is based on rich tones of warm colors that are complemented with a few neutral shades. This helps the room to look very affluent and sunny at the same time. You must definitely have deep brown wooden flooring in the room. This would help in completing the look of the theme. Never opt for tiles or marble finishes for such a concept as it doesn’t mix well. You need to place a rectangular rug beneath the center table. This rug should have deep maroon or reddish brown hues and extensive patterns and designs that can complete the look. The center table should also be rectangular with arched and curved legs. The color should be white. Use a square side table with the same design, but a slightly smaller size as well. The furniture that you use in the room should be delicately designed in white wooden frames. Go for very detailed and extensive designs and make sure that curves and arches come naturally to the frame.

You should opt for bright yellow embroidery in this room so that you are able to make the room appear lighter and brighter. Your furniture would appear divine in natural or artificial light alike. Place lamps, simple consoles and candle stands in different parts of the room to complete the look. Go for light yellowish brown curtains that are thin enough to let the natural light in on all occasions. Using heavy curtains is not a very good idea here. The room should be painted with a golden brown hue. Remember, the color must be extremely light and you don’t have to focus on graininess of the color. Just let it be light. Provide brick red accents to the room wherever possible. Using metal at certain areas of the room would also help in giving it a very unique appearance. Just get a few antique style decorative items and you are ready for hosting your guests or spending a great evening in your bright new living room.

Bold Blue And Brown Bedroom Design Idea

Bold Blue And Brown Bedroom Design IdeaYou can experiment a lot with design themes and ideas when it comes to the living room. In this space, you have to think about your preferences as well as the comfort of your guests. You cannot leave them in a dark gothic style living room. Therefore, the living room becomes a place for experimentation with different styles and designs. However, if you are a fan of the 1800s design ideas and concepts and wish to get a similar look in your house, your only rescue is your bedroom. This is the only place where you can comfortably chose a style that you like the most and never think about pleasing someone else. If you like the classic Victorian style decoration, hardwood furniture, bold colors and chunky design elements, then we have the perfect bedroom design theme for you.

The bold blue and brown bedroom theme is designed specially for the people who understand the complexities of the Victorian style home design and those who are not afraid to add a touch of personal style to their bedrooms. This theme can be used effectively in medium sized and big bedrooms. If you have a small bedroom, then you would have to compromise with a few elements of this design. We would let you know which elements can be deleted in order to get the same looks. Your room needs a very deep brown wooden flooring to start with. Now, opt for a consolidated wardrobe, cabinet, dresser and console that can be placed on the wall opposite to the bed. This would be very helpful in avoiding scattered spaces. If you have a smaller bedroom, then you simply need to adopt a smaller wardrobe and cabinet. This would help you in retaining the original design as well. Now, use a small ottoman near the dresser. This ottoman should be round, thickly padded and upholstered with flowing teal colored silken fabric. The fabric can be decorated with cream hues.

You have to use a similar design scheme in the curtains of the room as well. The first layer should be sheer white curtains which would be complemented by teal colored curtains that have cream white decorative. This would help in creating a contrast against the deep brown furniture and flooring of the room. Try to use as deep shade of teal as possible. The color is so rich that it never appears dull. Use a simpler bed that is taller than an average bed and use very thick mattresses as well. The color used here should be light blue which is again decorated and accented with creamy white. A similar design sense is to be applied to the bedroom bench and the coffee table set as well.

To provide finishing touches to the room, add a beautiful amber light chandelier in the middle of the room. Remember to use metal candle holders or small nightlights designed in this shape on the walls to give a warmer appeal to the room. A huge rectangular mirror in the dresser would be a great idea.

Victorian With A Splash Of Color

Victorian With A Splash Of ColorGone are the days when the Victorian style home décor was associated with very dark colors and bold furniture designs. The designs have become more delicate than ever before and even the colors have become brighter. This helps you in experimenting more with the color of the furniture and the design of the room. This would help you in getting more beautiful décor ideas for your house. Today, we would be talking about one of these colorful living room décor ideas that would be bringing the most colorful and playful sides of your nature in your Victorian style living room. This theme would be using light taupe, golden, brown, blue, gray and even pink to accentuate the bright look in your living room so that you can get a great look, peace of mind and a lots of compliments from your guests as well. Let us start with the flooring of the room. We have always suggested you to go for wooden flooring for most of the Victorian design ideas. However, this time, you can go for tiles as well. Chose creamier shades of tiles that come with beautiful brownish accents. This would help in creating a better décor in your house. The walls of the room must be a very light shade of taupe. This must be complemented with delicate patterned detailing in a golden hue. If you don’t want to go for such detailing with the help of paints, you must go for lightly textured wallpaper in a similar designs. Don’t worry about the effect. The Victorian style designing includes a lot of work with the wallpaper, so it won’t look awkward at all. After this, you have to focus on the furniture of the room. We would start with a center table. This table should be rectangular in shape with rounded edges. The legs of the table must be protruding, arching outwards and must come with bold curves to remain true to form Victorian furniture. Additionally, you must use a rectangular rug in beige color that comes with bold and bright pink patterns as well. The rest of the furniture design would present a beautiful contrast to the furniture in this way. The sofas that you use should be typical Victorian designs with high arches, curves and delicate frame carvings in the top. Chose electric blue velvet upholstery and team it up with cushions in grey, electric blue and creamy white shades. You can even go for very light beige cushions instead of cream hues. Remember, the whole upholstery has to be thickly padded and must have only velvet finishing. The furniture must not be all blue. It should have gray finishing on the seat and the front backrest to get a beautiful contrast. If you wish to complete the look and give it an awesome Victorian look, simply go for a bulky chandelier in the center, right above the table and keep it a little low. This would help in creating a warm and rich atmosphere in the room.

Modern Victorian Bedroom Design Idea

Modern Victorian Bedroom Design IdeaA Victorian style bedroom is a masterpiece of art in its own right. It has been provided with every single design element that can be used to beautify the room. The colors are deep and attractive, the furniture is bold and delicate at the same time and the overall appeal is definitely quite charming. The Victorian style home design would definitely cast a spell on you. However, it is often noticed that the old Victorian style home design does not really fit well into the modern homes. No matter how beautiful the classic style looks, we cannot really use high rise beds, super thick mattresses, extended canopies and too dark colors on the walls these days. For the lovers of the style, there is a refurbished version available in the market. This is known as the modern Victorian style which has been reproduced by blending the basics of the 1800s home design with modern design concepts.

The modern Victorian home design is definitely a huge advancement over its predecessor. It is more suave and urbane and retains the affluence and glamor of the days gone by. This décor is based on two shades of deep blue mixed with and golden brown or sand brown. The bedroom is quite minimalistic in nature and we would not be using too much furniture here. You simply have to focus on a really big emperor size bed that can go along with this kind of décor concept. The flooring should always be wooden, as we have frequently told you about. Deep brown, golden brown and honey brown are some of the shades in wooden flooring that you must choose from. The pattern of flooring depends on you. Use a low lying emperor size bed with a big rectangular headboard. The headboard should be twice the height of the bed. This should be padded and upholstered in a very deep navy blue along with accents of creamy white (also serving as the backdrop)

The same design should be followed in the coffee table set and the bedroom bench as well. However, here, you can experiment with light golden shades instead of the creamy white if you like. Paint all the walls in light and grainy golden brown. Keep the color as light as possible and chose a medium-deep shade of taupe for the curtains. Finally, use Prussian blue bed sheets and top them up with creamy white pillows and cushions. Do not use too many cushions here. Only using two pillows would be more than enough in this case. You also need to add two side tables in the room that comes with small amber metal lamps. Small blue wooden chests instead of the tables would also work well. The room would be complete if you use a trendy chandelier and complement it with candle holders made of metal on the walls. One of the walls of the room (the one behind the headboard) should be painted in textured Prussian blue or Yale blue in order to get a richer effect in the room.

An 1800s Style Stairway And Gallery Design

An 1800s Style Stairway And Gallery Design When we talk about home design in general, we focus on each and every room in the house but forget about galleries and hallways. These are also some really beautiful spaces that have very unique home design needs. If you really want each and every corner of your house to feel great, you need to pay attention on these spaces as well. Remember, if you are following a total Victorian style architecture and home design in your house, then you would certainly have galleries, hallways and elaborate stairways in your home. Therefore, it is really important that you focus on the decorations of this area in the house as well. You would get a chance to move away from the typical darker shades used in the living room and bedrooms and chose lighter shades. You can allow more light to come into these spaces and also use extensive artificial lighting as well. So today, we would be focusing on a ‘sandy’ stairway and gallery home décor theme.

Let us begin with the color of the walls of this area. Do you like the color of the sand? If yes, then you would definitely love the color of the gallery. You have to choose a very light shade of golden brown in this area. Do not leave any area untouched. Every wall in this space should be covered in this hue. All the details, edges, stripes etc. of the room should be colored in off white. This would be providing a beautiful contrast to the golden brown walls and would also help in making the gallery appear bigger and lighter. The doors, windows and any other kind of architectural woodwork in the house should also be painted with off white. This helps in unifying the theme in a better manner.

Just like every other kind of Victorian design, the floor should be a deep and warm brown wooden flooring. It should be completed by rugs and carpets of differing but complimentary designs. For example, you can chose one checkered rug in brown and brick red finish while another one in beige and brown finish. If it is a hallway or a stairway, then you can even think about providing it a dull moss green or taupe carpeting. Let the flooring of the space be visible on either end to get the right look with this kind of home décor. Make ample room for lightening. If your house is being constructed, then make sure that there are doors and windows that help in letting the natural sunshine enter the space. Use ample artificial lighting as well with chandeliers, candle stands and even small night lamps. This would help in brightening the atmosphere in this space of your house.

The furniture used in this space should be minimalistic in nature and must also be only in deep brown shades. Try to avoid metal in this space. Keep the size of the furniture as small as possible. A couple of tables and a few chairs or consoles would be enough for this space.

Contemporary Home Design At Their Best

Contemporary Home Design At Their BestTraditional and contemporary designs don’t have any similarity between them. Many times people think that they both are same and can be fused together, but it is not so. In this article, we wold be talking about contemporary design of the houses that are inspired from the past.

The basic feature of a contemporary house pertaining to the period of 18 century is the availability a lot of space available inside them. The interiors of the house were abundant with bulky furniture. As the time passes, the families have started to become more nuclear which results in less availability of space and small houses. Therefore, in modern period the houses equipped with heavy furniture become bulky and too showy. Hence, the modern houses also implement some pieces of contemporary furniture which is not too heavy and provide a spacious look to the house.

The furniture of the contemporary designs inspired from the late 18 century is very easy to maintain, classy and comes with sleek looks along with enough durability to last for a very long time period. The most striking features of this designer furniture are simple appearance with minimum clutter. In the contemporary features, it is often seen that the pieces are simple and made attractive by colouring the walls of the house with the combination of light and some vibrant colours. The furniture from this particular style had a basic theme to provide comfort to the people and provide a stylish look at the same time. Even the small houses had the capacity to employ these contemporary features in their houses.

Contemporary home designs of 18th century were really economical and elegant in nature. The lightings of the houses were designed by some simple use of chandeliers with beautiful candles on them. The lights of the living rooms were usually sleek and simple to complement the easy furniture and interior of the rooms. The kitchen of contemporary design houses was also simple without any external equipment and heavy materials. A simple sink was there and some small cupboards were designed to keep it accordingly as per the theme of the house.

The contemporary designs always provide a very light feel in the environment of the whole house. The same furniture can be used for multiple designs inside the houses. For example, a bed can be used as a storage compartment which is a common feature for contemporary designs. You can also use the side tables of the living room in place of drawers and chests or even nightstands in the bedroom. This helps in staying in sync with the home décor idea all through the house. Plus, you are able to get a modern look as well.

Victorian features and designs of the 1800s are still implemented in the modern world with their own significance and style. The above explanation of Victorian features can be used in modern houses because of their simple and famous style of simplicity. You can add as much grace as you like in this kind of home décor and be more experimental with colours and designs.

Plank Houses Of The 1800s

Plank Houses Of The 1800sPlank house designs used to be popular in the later parts of the 18th and early 19th century. These houses had a uniform feature of construction which is known as box construction. These houses were also known as company homes because they were built for the rail road or the mining queries officers and workers. These houses were provided by the companies to their employees who work for them in the rail road or mining queries.

As the name indicates, these houses are built with the planks which varies in width that ran in a vertical way right from the eaves to the sills. These were generally placed from half inch apart and even one inch apart. It was very common to find some twenty feet and forty inches wide planks. The sill was made from 6X8 sized wood or 8X8 wood which was attached on the inner side of the wooden planks for safety purpose. The timber was fastened in a similar manner in the wooden floor as well. Most of the houses had stone foundation with a thickness of about 30 inches.

When it came to design the second floor of the house, nails could not be used on the inside. As most of the houses in that era were designed as double storeys, it was evident that this problem would definitely occur no matter what. In order to avoid this, the joists were similar to the joints on the first floor. However, these joints were more or less notched. They were somewhat separated from each other and the interior walls as well. The interior walls were usually made of three to four internal walls. Wall studs were not provided with any spacing. There are many designs where the space is set at 18 or 20 inches. The walls were devoid of any kind of insulation and no power lines were used in the house.

Windows of the houses were somewhat old sash types with weights and ropes in the houses. The purpose of applying weight on the window was to keep it open without having to put any article below the window. Those were very draft windows and in the windy time, it was common to watch the drapes flowing in the wind. The exterior side of the house often had clapboards sidings. Many times, the black paper was used and nailed on the wooden planks. The plank houses were frequently used until the middle of the 19th century and commonly used even today to seal the exteriors of the house and improve the appearance of the buildings.

Renovation of the plank house was basically no less than a nightmare to the homeowners. It is next to impossible for them to run the new system of wiring in the houses and plumbing them inside the walls. It can be usually seen that most of the plank houses have heating pipes in the living area. This also keeps away the freezes during winters. Wiring was a bit easier task.

9 Best Features Of Victorian Homes

The highly decorative Victorian architectural period flourished between the period of 1837 – 1901 during the reign of Queen Victoria. The Victorians had taken the inspiration for construction from history, geometry, nature and theory for their designs. These home designs were rich, affluent and had a more beautiful and organized appeal as compared to the Georgian style, its predecessor. There are many great styles of Victorian Homes which share the common features:

  • 9 Best Features Of Victorian HomesVictorian houses were based on asymmetrical looks which gives the house different levels of depths, along with asymmetrical porch which was (in general) one story high and extended along the front and both side walls.
  • Victorian homes were thought to be more decorative because of the architectural accents which were added to the house. These architectural accents are still popular in modern days. They are bold and quite appealing.
  • In the early times of 1850, the bricks were very cheap and made up from clay after being heated in oven. All the materials required in construction of Victorian houses were cheaply available and could be easily transported. Various types of materials such as different types of stones, coloured bricks, and textured shingles were adopted in the Victorian times by mixing along and create the patterns for exterior of the walls.
  • Traditional houses of Victorian times were based on some natural earth tone shades of green, red, mustard and brown. They also use some vibrant colours in the interiors of the house such as purple, pink, mauve.
  • There are many varieties of windows in Victorian style houses. Sash windows with larger panes of glass, bay windows and fanlight above the door were a common feature. Common window dressings were some pediments, even window boxes, shutters or decorative trims. Victorians also incorporated the implementation of stained, bevelled and etched glasses on the doors and windows.
  • The homes of Victorian age had steeply pitched roof of irregular shapes usually with dominant front-facing edges with some towers as chimneys on both sides of houses. Most of the houses were roofed with clay and slate tiles.
  • The most important addition in the Victorian houses was about sanitation. Addition of new features such as waste facility, toilet facility, hot and cold water, proper drainage to sanitation facilities was new. In fact, the kitchens were also embedded with gas oven, gas, ice closet, electric powered lightening, washing machine and attics and basements.
  • The interior decor of the Victorian Houses was elaborately decorated with multitude of colours, expensive furnishing, fabrics and decorations. Rooms had wall papers, detailed carvings on the walls and furniture, decorative plastic work, ornate lighting, crown moulding etc. The interior of the windows were topped with some cornices and heavily decorated with laces, swags, panels, tie backs, trims, valances etc.
  • Along with the above furnishings and benefits, the use of iron and steel also started in Victorian house designs. The components made of iron and steel were used in construction of these houses in later stages of interiors and exteriors of the house. Some common areas for their use were stairs, columns, doors, fences, frames etc. to the accent of the Victorian homes.

Characteristics Of Victorian Architecture

Characteristics Of Victorian Architecture In American Architecture history, Victorian architecture was popular during 18 century. This period was called as Victorian because this period span was reigned by Queen Victoria in Great Britain. It was easy to determine the style of architecture as the walls were usually multi-textured in interiors and many times multi-coloured from exterior. The buildings were based on asymmetrical designs with steeply pitched roof. However there were six different styles of Victorian home decor that have their own characteristics and their subtypes:

Second Empire: The well-known and defining feature of Victorian house was their bold and beautiful roofing called as mansard roof. The roof of these houses was designed with dual pitched hip with some dormer windows on top. The finishing of this roof was generally decorated or textured. In simple terms, we can say that the second empire home décor and architecture leans heavily over the previous Italianate architectural style.

Stick: The steeply pitched gabled roof usually had intersecting crossed gables which were detailed with decorative truss at its apex. Overhanging usually had exposed rafter tails. Exterior walls were composed of wooden clad broken up into various pattern of horizontal and diagonal along with vertical boards. This is what Stick style had changed in the architecture of that era.

Queen Anne: This Style had irregular system of roof with some dominant gable at the front faces. The facade was asymmetrical from medium to large front porches. This wrapped along one or both sides of the houses. Textured Shingles, bay windows or cutaway used to break surface of the exteriors smoothly.

Shingle: Shingle was the biggest feature of this sub type. The exterior walls had shingles without any breakage on the corner boards. Similar to that of Queen Anne style, asymmetrical facade had a steep and irregular roof with eaves at variant levels. These also have some extensive porches.

Richardsonian Romanesque: This Architecture of Victorian type cannot be finished without masonry. Often the exterior of the houses were combined with two types of bricks or stones with some great decorative pattern. Commonly, the style also incorporates a tower with a cone shaped roof design. Similar to that of Queen Anne and the Shingle, it was not symmetrical.

Folk Victorian: This architecture basically belongs to folk house with Victorian Style. The facade generally belongs to symmetrical shapes. Primarily, its work and designs were inspired by Queen Anne and Italianate styles. The detailing of the house and most of its part was limited to the porch and cornice lines of the buildings.

The trends and common architecture of the Victorian era were many but all of them were not the same. Although there were many sub-types and all of them belong to the common trends. The only requirement was to pay more attention in detailed way to determine the type admired by you. Victorian houses were stylish and details of the designs were plentiful on both side of the interior and exterior which were mostly adapted from the classical styles. The facade of almost all the Victorian houses was based on asymmetrical design with steeply pitched roofs.

Material Used In Construction Of Old Fashioned Houses In Georgian Era

Material Used In Construction Of Old Fashioned Houses In Georgian EraIn that Era, the houses were based on Georgian design and that period is based on 3 great lings of Great Britain. The Georgian Design was simple and the furniture along with the buildings was based on its culture. In fact, there are still many huge houses developed in 1800 century. There are many materials available used in construction of the houses. Let’s go through in details about the materials used in their construction based on the needs of people.

Stone: The most important and desirable material used in the construction of houses. People mainly living near quarries prefer to use stones its construction. It is the cheapest material used as per the availability.

Stucco: People who could not afford to have stones at their houses avail the option of stucco. This a kind of cement used by the people at that times on the cheap bricks to look like stones. This is a typical culture used for the houses of Georgian period. The cement has horizontal lines but has a bad reputation as it often fell off from the bricks. Mainly the cement is found in white or cream colour.

Bricks: These are usually used in building construction. Bricks were made up of clay in those times and not believed to be a luxury product. In the days of Georgian period, bricks were used for the permanence and fireproofing of the houses.

General Design: The construction plans and designs of the houses of the Georgian period were controlled by law. Before construction, the plans and the designs have to pass by law.

Georgian Style: The main theme of the house designs were based on classical Greek Architecture. The instructions of ancient Greek Mythology and Roman Architect were kept in mind while preparing the plans of houses. There are printed books available in the market designed by the architects. Britain was actually slow speed in adopting the classical architecture and on the same side Europe has adopted the same culture in 15 century.

In the 18th century, the designs of the houses of Georgian period were particularly build with the view of making them strong enough to go through all the natural suspected disasters. The furniture inside the houses is also adopted as per the designs of the houses. Usually, in those time period of Georgian era, people prefer to construct the furniture used in the houses made up of hardwoods. The durability and quality of the hardwoods cannot be questioned. Mahogany, oak and walnut were the most commonly used hard woods. The furniture designs of the Georgian period were simple but attractive. The best feature about the hardwood and common reason for their preference is their insect free nature.

Overall, the constructed houses of the Georgian period not only had strong buildings by the use of stones and other materials but also the interior of the houses were supported with best quality of woods. That’s the main reason that in the Georgian houses are still best to live in 21st century also.